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About Us

Star Marine International encompasses and embraces the traditional values and beliefs of what a traditional ship chandler should represent, at the same time remaining at the forefront when developing modern methods in how to best serve our customers through supply chain solutions.

We have all the commitment, enthusiasm and experience that a good ship supplier needs, alongside this we are also striving to show ourselves as something a little different, a company with a vision for ship supply that means doing the best we can, whatever it takes, to provide the customer with what today’s shipping business needs. At Star Marine International we understand we are here to fulfil our customers’ requirements or desires, no matter how small or large. The same care and professionalism is taken each and every time, and we understand the importance of delivering a first class ship-supply service.

Star Marine International is a business with a culture that is dedicated to people and customers, committed to excellence in service and with a management team who are passionate about what they do and how they do it.

“Whether it is down to sourcing specialised engine spares, supplying the freshest foods, servicing safety items on board or complying with environmental issues, at Star Marine International we truly understand the complete needs of the marine industry”


  • Supply to 100% at all major Indian ports
  • Complete range of stores and supplies
  • Over 20 years of expertise and knowledge at your fingertips
  • Marine spares and supplies by professional